Ross Bay Cemetery Restoration 2000

A Millennium Project of OCS

The goal of the project was to complete restoration and conservation work on 160 monuments in the cemetery during the year 2000. This major project was made possible through support from the Canada Millennium Partnership Program, the BC 2000 Community Spirit Program, the City of Victoria, and public donations.

An “as-is” survey was completed to locate markers and monuments at risk and establish priority lists of sites to be worked on in the following categories:

  • ceramic-tiled grave tops
  • marble and slate grave tops
  • iron fences
  • broken or flat-lying grave markers
  • broken or vandalized monuments

The work carried out involved:

  • Removal of flat-lying markers from the ground; cleaning and resetting them in new cement collars
  • Cleaning and preparation of selected ceramic and marble/slate grave tops for repair and resetting. Repair involved recasting new ceramic tiles to replace missing ones and purchasing new marble and slate.
  • Brushing and painting of iron fencing. Removal and professional repair was necessary for some sites.
  • Repair of broken and damaged monuments.

A detailed report was prepared describing the project from start to finish

Grave Tops and Fences Selected for Restoration

NamePlot#Surface MaterialYear
Catherine HetheringtonP108WSTile Top1914
Maud Fulton M38-W6Tile Top1906
Thain A70W32Tile Top 1894
Alfred LangdaleP-91-WO Tile Top1915
J A McNeillT83-W40Tile Top1908
Capt. E TynonC24-E27 Tile Top1882
George JacquesT80-W42Tile Top1909
Charles Moss H59\60W20 Marble + Slate1887
Hon A C Elliott H72\73 E16Marble + Slate 1889
Herbert HarrisonA38-W32 Marble + Slate1888
George Thomson B57-E34Marble + Slate 1894
Charlotte BrownA47\48 W25 Marble + Slate1923
RithetR88\89WLMarble + Slate1902
Henry Pering Crease Iron Fence 1905
Luke Gray U E47 081 Iron Fence 1897

Grave Markers and Monuments Selected for Restoration-by Area

NamePlot#Monument MaterialYear
John WingerA-E30-076Sandstone 1872
Nicholas Bailey A-E30-070+071Marble1875
Edith WalkemA-W31-043Marble1887
Cpt. M ThainA-W32-070+071Marble1908
Hugh L Jones A-E32-055Marble1885
Henry ForemanMarble1874
James MillerA-W26-041Marble1906
Ann MillerA-W26-040Marble1896
George Wilson-BrownB-E37-090Marble1904
Thomas Poole B-E34-080 Marble1892
Thomas Price B-E32-092Marble1884
Matilda FarrellB-E31-085Marble1878
Charles W SchultzeB-E31-087Marble1887
Sophia JanionB-E29-091Sandstone1876
William JohnstonC-W30-014Sandstone1878
Thomas PennyC-E29-001Marble1904
Annie HilliardC-W29-017Sandstone1879
Lucy MurphyC-W29-019Sandstone1883
Bridget GilliganC-E28-012Marble1877
Anne DennyC-W26-033+034Marble1877
Mary BluneC-W24-036Marble1874
Marke DeuquetteC-E24-008Marble1884
Antonie RefordC-E24-006Marble1886
Patrick McDonaldC-E23-018Marble1892
John O’ConnorC-E22-016Marble1890
Robert MagirlC-E23-018Marble1886
William ChamberlingC-E23-012Marble1882
Jane SleightholmeC-E22-025Marble1885
Hannah DowneC-E22-031+032Marble1887
Oliver GagnerC-E29-013Marble1882

The project was carried out through volunteer effort, contracts with professional tradespeople, and the cooperation of the City of Victoria Parks Department. Ross Bay Restoration 2000 stands as our largest single project to date, and we are proud of its scope and the way it has enhanced this beautiful historic site.