St. Mary the Virgin Church Cemetery

Located at 4354 Metchosin Road. This site is particularly beautiful in the early spring when the grounds are covered with white lilies.

Two acres of land for church and graveyard was the gift of Mr. John Witty, of Bilston Farm. The Building Fund was headed by Sir James Douglas.

By fall of 1876 the churchyard was fenced and the ground was consecrated and set apart for a cemetery.

In 1883 a marble tablet was erected by “A few of the Settlers,” in memory of John Witty, who died the day before the Consecration of the Church, “as a token of their esteem for his liberality.”

On October 22, 1933 memorial stained glass windows replacing the plain glass, were dedicated by the Bishop of Columbia. Pioneer names like Reverend R. and Lady Emily Walker, Witty, Weir, Helgesen, Fisher, Reid and Ashe appear on brass plates beneath each window. Wrought Iron Memorial Entrance Gates were presented to the Parish by the late Mr. Lee Field in “Memory of his Family,” in May 1964. These photos were taken by a member on a cemetery tour led by the Old Cemeteries Society of Victoria.