Colwood Pioneer Cemetery

The cemetery land was originally owned by Alfred Thomas Peatt (1856 – 1940) who donated the land to St. Matthew’s Presbyterian Church in the 1890’s. A cemetery committee was formed by the Colwood Women’s Institute, which first met on September 1, 1925, with Mrs. C. Goodall, chairman, Mrs. E. Peatt, treasurer and Mrs. F. A. Parker, secretary. At that time “it was decided to measure the cemetery and divide off into lots to be sold at $5.00 (five dollars) per plot.

The cost of digging the grave to be paid by relatives.” The Old Presbyterian Church was removed from this site some years later. The Colwood Women’s Institute have kept the records and maintained the cemetery since that time. The City of Colwood took over control and maintenance of the cemetery in 1993.

A detailed History of Colwood Pioneer Cemetery (updated in 2011) is available at this link