Amor de Cosmos

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29. Amor de Cosmos

Only a handful of people attended the graveside service for Amor de Cosmos in 1897. De Cosmos had always been considered eccentric and it intensified until his death. But today de Cosmos is again popular and his grave is visited by many people who come to Ross Bay Cemetery.

Block: A
Plot: 68 E 32 

Newspaper Editor – Politician 
BC Archives Image C-06116

Amor de Cosmos began life as William Alexander Smith, but changed his name in 1854 to pay tribute, as he said, “to what I love most…Love of order, beauty, the world, the universe.”

De Cosmos began his career in Victoria as the founder and editor of the British Colonist newspaper, with a reputation for hard hitting editorials and political statements. He was a colonial politician and ran for office in 1863, he was M. P. for Victoria and instrumental in British Columbia’s entry into Confederation.