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The following images are courtesy of Royal BC Museum, BC Archives:

  • General Views
    • A-01651 Lkg SW c 1930 (RBCM)
    • A-03422 From Church Hill 1866-70 (RBCM)
    • B-09523 From Meares St 1902 (RBCM)
    • G-07205 Lkg n from Rockland Ave 1938 (RBCM)
    • G-07206 SE corner of Meares and Quadra streets 1938 (RBCM)
    • G-07207 Quadra and Rockland, lking NE c 1930 (RBCM)
    • I-81267 From Church Hill 2 c 1875 (RBCM)
    • G-04701 BC Hist. Assoc. markers c1930 (RBCM)

The following images are courtesy of the City of Victoria Archives:

  • General Views
    • M08324 From Quadra and Rockland 1908 (CVA)
    • M07892 From Church Hill 1908
    • M00485 Naval Corner; CR Robson monument 186-
    • M08325 From Quadra and Rockland; soldiers marching 1916 (CVA)
    • M08351 Old Burying Ground plan c1908 (CVA)

The following image is courtesy of Greene Collection , from “Delectus Victorianus: by AE Alston

  • General Views
    • From Christ Church 1871-75 (Greene)