Art and Icons

the agent of God, often pointing towards heaven; guardians of the dead
Baby’s chair
small, empty furniture symbolized unfulfilled lives of children; represented the child now gone; with small shoes on chair – connection to childhood, symbolized inability to achieve adulthood
Book: faith, learning to read and write
Cabin and pine
A modern British Columbia image
Associated with David in the Old Testament; symbol of St. Cecilia, patron saint of musicians. Symbolic of worship in heaven.
Maple Leaf
Canada’s National symbol
Sleeping children
sleep is the tie between life and death; children are purity, artlessness, innocence
Draped urn
Woman with or without Bible pointing upward
Woman hanging onto Cross
faith. Original drawing accompanied Rev. Toplady’s hymn “Rock of Ages.” Also seen as woman clinging to pillar or anchor. Common motif on white bronze monuments and Masonic grave memorials.

Family or Heraldry Crests – One last symbolic motif that you may see on graves is the family crest. There are literally thousands of family crests detailing the main family names of European descent. Most of these crests are well documented in heraldry books.