Helen Grant

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27. Helen Grant

Helen Grant’s name is one of many that appear on the tall, red granite obelisk on the Grant family grave. Red granite for tombstones was imported from Quebec or Scandinavia. When polished until the surface is smooth and shiny, red granite will last for a long time and still look new.

Block: M
Plot: 70 W D

Helen Grant was born in Maitland, Nova Scotia, the daughter of a shipbuilder. She trained as a teacher, but taught only a short time before marrying Captain William Grant, who was part owner and master of a sailing ship.

There was never any question of Helen staying home while her husband sailed. She sailed right alongside him, and came ashore only to have their children. In each case, she and the baby would return to shipboard life. In Victoria they lived near Point Ellice Bridge and Helen was one of the first women elected to the BC school board. She was active in promoting women’s right.