Stories In Stone Journal

The Stories In Stone Journal – Index Volume I – XX (2010)

The Stories In Stone Journal was published twice a year up until 2016. The journals include articles on cemetery history, historical research for the area, and pioneer burial information. These publications were discontinued due to lack of a volunteer to assemble and publish them.

Some issues of the Stories In Stone Journal are available in hard copy for a donation of $8.00 plus $2.50 (Canadian dollars) postage. See Index Vol I-XVI above.

Examples of articles from the Winter 2004 Issue (Vol #XIV – #ii) of Stories In Stone.

  • The Supreme Court Judges of British Columbia in the 1800’s – by Bill Magee
  • The Judge Who Was Never a Lawyer: David Cameron – by Yvonne Van Ruskenveld
  • Who Was Sir Matthew Baillie Begbie? – by Fred Hook
  • Cryptic Crossword – In Balance – by Barfog
  • Towards a New Homeland: Sir Henry Pering Pellew Crease as Puisne Judge – by Bill Magee
  • Gray and I: Hon. John Hamilton Gray, AB, DCL, QC – by John Adams
  • A Brilliant Life Cut Short: A. Rocke Robertson (1841-1881) – by Peggy Magee
  • George Anthony Walkem: Jurist and Politician – By Russ Stewart
  • Tomb Tomes: Eli Harrison – by Shelia Daly

If you would like a copy of an article in one of the Stories In Stones Journals (or hard copy of a Journal if available) please email the office with the name of the article.