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Current Issues

2016 Restoration Projects

As part of our continuing Row Marker project, we have placed a new marker pointing the way to the grave of Nellie Cashman (U64E51). This is
one of 9 new markers being placed this year.


2015 Restoration Projects

Restoration work continues at Ross Bay Cemetery in 2015. Below are examples of our restoration efforts for this summer. These two monuments were vandalized many years ago and have lain in the ground for over 50 years. We hope to re-erect six more before the end of the year.


This summer’s activity will also include painting of the lettering and resurfacing the Margaret Jenkins Grave, monument lifting and leveling in Block G and cleaning of graves in Block A.



2013 Restoration Projects

Our 2013 restoration project is now complete. Thank You to Thrifty Foods for their continued support and to all the volunteers who made it posible.


Two projects have been recently conceived by the Old Cemeteries Society executive.

Ross Family Markers

Isabel May 2013

The first is the re-creation of a Ross family grave marker and the restoration of the Isabella Ross grave marker.

The Ross family is woven into the very fabric of Victoria’s creation and early history. In 1843 James Douglas sent Charles Ross to a desolate piece of land on the tip of Vancouver’s Island with instructions to build a new fort. This new fort became what we now know as Victoria. After the untimely death of Charles Ross in 1844, his First Nations wife and her children continued to live in Victoria and influence its history.

In 1994, the Old Cemeteries Society erected a wooden replica grave marker for Isabella Ross on her unmarked grave (plot C 009 E 22). Today it is in poor shape and badly in need of refurbishing.

Ross marker 4

In the 1980’s the last wooden grave marker was removed from the cemetery and placed in storage by the City of Victoria Parks Department.

It is split in several pieces and barely legible. Thankfully someone felt it was worth saving and historically significant. This old marker commemorates the Ross family and we have used it as a pattern for other markers. It is now time to re-create and reinstall it in Ross Bay Cemetery at the Ross family gravesite (plot F 033 W 21).

The Old Cemeteries Society feels that in recognition of First Nations in our history and in this year of the 170th anniversary of Fort Victoria, it is appropriate that we honour both by restoring Isabella’s marker and re-creating the original grave marker for the Ross family.
The new and restored Ross grave markers will remind all who visit Ross Bay Cemetery of the contribution this family has made to the creation and growth of Victoria.



Grimm Family Gravesite Fence

Ross May 2013

The second project is to completely refurbish the wrought iron fencing around the Grimm family plot (C 026/27 E 22).

Over the past 20 years the Old Cemeteries Society has restored most of the historic iron features in Ross Bay Cemetery. Our last major ironwork project was in 2002-2004 when we teamed up with the Vancouver Island Blacksmiths Association to completely rebuild the Parker-Ball fence (for more information go to GRAVE PRESERVATION)

In 2011, the Old Cemeteries Society cleaned and painted all 55 iron features in Ross Bay Cemetery except for the Grimm fence. At that time we felt that it was too far gone and would require a major restoration. This is the year for the restoration.

The Grimm fence will hopefully stand for another century as an example of the blacksmiths art and a reminder of the harsh realities of pioneer life in Victoria

Pioneer Square Update September 2013

This month saw the start of upgrades to the Old Burying Grounds on Quadra Street. The City of Victoria has allocated $700,000 over a three year period to completely revitalize what has become known as Pioneer Square. This first phase will see new paths, lighting, benches and additional landscaping. Some of the grave markers that are considered in good to fair condition will be cleaned and refurbished. Work on this phase should be completed by the end of October.

Pioneer Square (Old Burying Ground) Planning Project
Approximately 75 people attended the second Open house on March 28, 2012; 50 survey/questionnaires were completed and received.  In addition, several people took paper copies or information on how to access the online survey with them so they could complete the survey later.  Generally, the feedback was good - most supported the vision statement and the general ideas and goals in the plan although there were some discussion and feedback around some of the specifics.
The survey and display boards are now available on the City's website along with a copy of the draft plan.  There is a link to the information at
www.victoria.ca under Latest News.  The online survey will be open until April 16th. 
After the survey closes, the results will be compiled, potential revisions to the management plan will be identified and the Pioneer Square Advisory
Group will meet again.

The OCS website has a Pioneer Square (Old Burying Ground) section at http://www.oldcem.bc.ca/cem_pn.htm   

Ross Bay Row Marker Project - see example

Project update April 2013
Thanks to the Thrifty Foods Smile Card Program and generous donations from our membership, we are pleased to announce the completion of Phase 4 of this
project. Row markers are now placed in three "belts" across the cemetery from Memorial Crescent to St. Charles Lane.  One belt is on plot #75 near Fairfield Road, one is across the middle of the cemetery on plot #40, and one is on plot #1 on the Dallas Road side of the cemetery. In phase 4 we have placed markers strategically along all the pathways within the cemetery. A map with all the locations and locating instructions has been placed in the shadow box at the caretakers shed across from Ross Bay Villa.

We have now placed 171 markers and it is our hope that they will continue to help everyone find grave sites for generations to come.  This completes our Row Marker Project. Thank you for your support.

Dec 5, 2009 - Another path of destruction!
On Friday morning almost 50 headstones were found damaged at Ross Bay Cemetery. Representatives from the Old Cemeteries Society executive attended the scene of the crime on Saturday morning to list and photograph the damage.

We have attached a few pictures of some damaged markers. The swath seems to have started at the south east corner at St Charles Lane and ended by the washrooms at Memorial Crescent.

The City Parks Dept. was very quick to address the problem by reporting the vandalism to Police and authorizing Mortimer's Monumental Works to start work immediately. 23 monuments were repaired immediately and the remaining will be attended to on Monday December 7, 2009. We will be notifying any descendants we have in our records. Another senseless act of cowardice. Read the Times Colonist Article

Aug 2009 Recent Vandalism at Ross Bay Cemetery - -   CTV News

Vandalism - has been a problem in RBC throughout its existence. Read more about cemetery vandalism

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